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Great Flash Basketball game !
Try to score a maximum time in this really funny and addictive basketball game, with two bonuses : Alley Hoop and Blazing Ball, and also medals enabled (they work great in game but..
Play 1 on 1 basketball against the cpu go all out and try to stop him from scoring. you got 4 different game difficulties 1 playable character etc
Like the title says, just grab the ball and shoot hoops!
Basket ball game. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Go through 3 levels with increasing difficulty to win. Shoot as many points as possible in the time given.
Use your skills and finesse to shoot some hoopz !
Let the cannon do the talking on the basketball field and hit the basket with the basketball.
This is a simple and very interesting game in which you have to set the power and angle of the ball and throw it towards the basket accurately.
It's one-on-one hoops! Can you become king of the court in this brilliant basketball sim?
The object of the game is to shoot and score the basketball into the net as many times as you can while the basketball net moves left and right. The game will continue for 10 level..
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